Thursday, January 8, 2015

Marble sculpture, the most primitive of art forms has a greater advantage to figurines carved from other materials such as wood and heavy stone slabs

Marble sculpture is one of the most prominent and accepted form of art that is adapted by artists worldwide and appreciated by people since generations. In comparison to other materials, marble holds a better preference because of its several advantages. Because of this prime reason, this form of art, has obtained such popularity. Sculpturing using marble is not a contemporary form of art technique. Much before the painting on the cave walls, early primitive men, fashioned shapes using stone. Right from those augmentations, artifacts have evolved to their current complexity. In general terms, this form of art, deals with the creation of three-dimensional forms from marble.

Even though, sculptures can be produced using other popular stones, artist prefer marble upon everything else. One of the prime reasons is that only marble offers a fine translucent surface to work on. This material provides a desired visual depth to the sculpture that necessitates its beauty. Marble on the other hand, also has the advantage of providing smoother finish and finer touch. More so, unlike wood, this material being made out of limestone is weather resistant and can remain damage-free for a long time. Artists mention that marble is also the only form of the sculpturing wherein its each and every block has a figurine inside it. It is the skill and the dexterity of the maker to discern it.

Marble sculpture artist, Neeraj Gupta hosts a collection of his own, hand-made marble figurines. He is well-known for the perfection and dedication that he pours in each master piece he creates. The shapes of his sculptures impeccably weave both variety and content into a unified vision, providing a touch of spiritualism and aesthetics in all his creations. His lines and forms of work, unlike other artists, contain fluidity that enthralls and charms the spectator.

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